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Dear caring parent,

This is Michael Vroom from Castlegar Martial Arts. I wanted to tell you some stories about the different kinds of kids we have taught throughout the years in the martial arts.

After I would like to tell you how martial arts has made a positive impact on these kids and helped them through their challenges.

Here we go!...

Story 1: A.D.D

Matthew could never sit still and focus. He would be bouncing off the walls and distracting the other kids.

He is smart as a whip but often finds himself in trouble because he is so scattered.
Story 1 A.D.D

Story 2: Lazy

Erin just can't seem to get excited about anything. She does things but never puts too much effort into it. In fact, the thing she puts the most effort into is avoiding effort at all.
She could easily be the top of her class if only she applied herself a little more. It's not that she isn't smart, she is just a bit lazy
Story 2: Lazy

Story 3: Off in "LA LA Land"

It drives me insane when I have to repeat myself over and over again to get Sarah to do anything. 

She has her head in the clouds and doesn't pay attention to the instructions. All I want is for her to LISTEN!
Story 3: Off in "LA LA Land"

Story 4: Bullied

Jason is very shy and self-conscious. He rarely makes eye contact with people and is often picked on and even bullied by other kids.
If only he had the confidence to stand up for himself and stop being a victim.
Story 4: Bullied
Even though Matthew, Erin, Sarah, and Jason are fictional characters I have heard all of these stories hundreds of times over the last 10 years of teaching kids martial arts. The good news it just like these characters Martial Arts can help your child in a ton of ways.
  • Focus: Focus is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. In the Martial Arts, you have to focus 100% of your attention on one task at a time. Very few things in life require that much attention, you can get away with not fully focusing. The great news about that is that we can start to hone that skill in the kids and they become more focused as they practice more. They focus more during 1 exercise, then 1 drill, then 1 class. Next thing you know they are more focused at home and at school.
  •  Determination: Martial arts is great for teaching determination through goal setting. We have small bite-sized goals for them to achieve each and every class. Once they achieve all of those small goals it helps them achieve larger goals. By breaking down these goals we can teach them that you just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. If you do that you can achieve nearly any goal.
  • Paying Attention: We teach the kids how to make eye contact while talking to others and "Active" listening. That means that you are actually hearing what they are saying and not preparing your answer while they are still talking. As a result of this training, you will find them starting to pay more attention in school. Making eye contact when talking to others and as a result having much better communication skills.
  •  Did it the first time I asked!: We have busy classes with lots of kids. As a result, we don't have time to ask multiple times. Our expectations are that they complete a task the first time we ask. This is, of course, a learned behavior that we get over time. We never yell or scold the kids in fact we focus on praising the kids that are doing things well. That way the attention is on the kids who are trying the hardest. That encourages the kids to be first when we call out a drill because they know we will praise their efforts. The cool thing is that translates into their home and school life too. The more they learn to react right away the more they will do it in other parts of their in fact we focus on praising the kids that are doing things well. That way the attention is on the kids who are trying the hardest. That encourages the kids to be first when we call out a drill because they know we will praise their efforts. The cool thing is that translates into their home and school life too. The more they learn to react right away the more they will do it in other parts of their lives.
  •  Self Confidence: The way we help to build self-confidence in kids is though goal setting, positive praise, helping them achieve things they thought were impossible and most of all reinforcing the values taught by their parents. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid my parents could tell me I was awesome until they were blue in the face. It wasn't until my martial arts instructor told be that I started to believe it.
  •  Weight Loss: Consistent exercise will help kids not only lose weight but prevent it from coming on in the first place. I am a firm believer and getting kids started in exercise early in life. If they have those habits in place before they hit teenager and adulthood they will be MUCH better off. It is so much more difficult to start exercising with no experience as an adult. If you have a great background in sports you are more likely to get good grades in school, get fewer injuries, and live a longer healthier life.
  •  Exercise: Martial Arts are the whole package, we do full body strength and conditioning that will complement ANY sport. We help to build lean muscle, increase flexibility and take people well beyond average fitness levels.
  •  THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!: The fun, we hide all of these benefits in fun games and exercises where they get to learn these cool ninja skills while they get all of the benefits above! Kids have a blast, and the parents get the reap the rewards! It's a WIN-WIN
Don't take my word for it, see what other parents have seen since joining the martial arts.

"my kids have better self-control and focus.."

Jodi S. – Beyond the actual Tae Kwon Do skills that they learn the program encompasses core values that the children are taught through play and discipline. The environment is so positive, the instructors are great with the kids and really get down to their level to work through whatever they're having difficulties with! Since we started both of my kids have better self-control, focus, they strive to make positive life style choices, they enjoy the physical activity and they have somewhere that they know the confidence in themselves will be encouraged and appreciated. martial arts has become a staple for my kids.

"I recommend the program to any friends with children.."

Bryanna B. - My 4 yo has been in the program for almost a year now. I asked him what his favorite part of attending classes are and his immediate response was "all of the fun games!" As a parent, I love the values martial arts teaches. Not only in class but also at home, they help provide tools to start discussions on topics monthly that are very important to raising strong, kind children. The instructors that run classes are very enthusiastic and provide great feedback to parents. They create a very positive environment for our children to learn in; rather than disciplining them for mistakes, they help encourage them to keep trying and not give up. It still amazes me that they can get several 3 and 4 year olds to participate and focus during class. As a parent, it often feels like herding cats. They are able to maintain the pace of classes and ensure every child is having fun and participating to the fullest of their abilities. I recommend the program to any friends with children, it has been one of the best programs on the area for my son's age group. It has benefited not only our son but our family as a whole by bringing home topics we wouldn't normally think or know how to discuss.

"He is excited to earn his new belt soon!"

Stephanie B. - Since starting at "ninja school" my sons focus has increased dramatically! He says his favorite part is playing bowling for ninjas. My favorite part is reminding him to be guided by his heart. He is excited to earn his new belt soon!

"The young instructors here I think are key to their success ... 
very high energy and intense they get these kids motivated.."

Sean S. - My kids love going to taekwondo they ask to go every day. We had our son in karate and there was no drive. The young instructors here I think are key to their success in that gym very high energy and intense they get these kids motivated. We are testing our kids in a couple weeks for their first belt test and looking forward to working towards their black belt. I definitely recommend this gym

" can learn physical martial arts skills as well as lifelong transitional skills that can be applied to all aspects of their lives!"

Janette M. - Such a great place for martial arts! Really enjoy bringing my kids to martial arts, it's the best program I've ever put them in. Friendly, helpful, encouraging and motivating instructors make the classes a really fun and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone I know who's looking for a fitness program for themselves or a program where their kids can learn physical martial arts skills as well as lifelong transitional skills that can be applied to all aspects of their lives!

"...we've never once had to fight with him to go"

Jessee A. - Our son is almost 5, and we've struggled to find something that interests him, and challenges him while being fun. Since signing him up for tae kwon do, we've never once had to fight with him to go, and he always has a blast. The joy we have when we see how proud he is of himself, and how much he enjoys himself, is irreplaceable and unexplainable!

"Their attention span is getting longer and they are better listeners..."

Tiffany A. - My 2 young boys have been attending Martial Arts for over a year. They always have fun and I am amazed at how much they have learned. Their attention span is getting longer and they are better listeners in class. The instructors are welcoming, kind and energetic and they are great role models for my kids. I would recommend this class to anyone.

"... I credit them with helping my son mature into the responsible person he is."

Tim C. - The instructors are all energetic, positive people who help you realize that you are capable of much more than you previously thought, and they never make you feel like you are failing. They are wonderful with children, having a greater patience than I personally would be able to muster, and I credit them with helping my son mature into the responsible person he is. I'd recommend martial arts to anyone, with no exceptions!

"...very excited to attend his class and eager to follow thru in all the tasks."

Glen K. - From the day I walked into the door I found myself in a friendly learning atmosphere. My child McCoy is enrolled in the basic skills class. He is often very excited to attend his class and eager to follow thru in all the tasks. The staff has been very encouraging and helpful.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will it teach kids violence? – The great thing about martial arts is that the more you learn the less you want to use the techniques on another person. You learn how frail the human body really is, as a result, you end up respecting it and other people.

2. Are Martial arts taught with military discipline? – Some old school martial arts schools teach with military discipline where you are not allowed to smile or have fun. Only follow the instructions of the instructor. That being said there are a number of schools that understand that children learn through play. The great thing about learning through play is that the kids have fun while they learn. Which also means they will want to come back! If you can't get the kids to go, they can't learn ;)

3. Will my child get hurt? – Martial arts is one of the safest sports you can take depending on the facility. Look for a school that has high-quality matted floors, require sparring equipment (and a good amount of training time before they learn to spar) and have professional grade equipment. Because martial arts is so technique based, they work on all the fundamental skills before they learn the next piece of the puzzle. By doing this the learning curve is gradual and the child can build up the necessary gross motor skills and muscle to be able to do the techniques!
4. Is Martial Arts is just for boys – No Way! Many of kids in martial arts schools are girls. They have just as much fun as the boys and learn valuable skills that will aid them for the rest of their lives.

5. Can you learn martial arts before you are 7? – Many martial arts schools are not equipped or properly trained to handle kids under the age of 7 If you child is under the age of 7 make sure you look for a martial arts school with an age-based curriculum and classes. Children learn at different speeds at different stages of development. I would recommend looking for classes grouped as follows: Ages 3-4, Ages 5-6, Ages 7-9 and Ages 10-14. 

 6. You have to be athletic to learn – Martial arts is a great foundation builder. Because you are learning how to more effectively use your body and build up the necessary muscle and motor skills to do so. Even the least athletic people can have SUBSTANTIAL increases in what they can do physically as well as mentally. 
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