Martial Arts Summer Camps in Trail B.C.: 
Super fun camps your kids will LOVE!
Learn important life lessons through play!
Our fun packed summer camps will keep your kids moving for the whole week!
  • Built in Martial Arts Classes every day!
  • Fun, engaging activities designed to keep their attention and teach life lessons.
  • Our camps are guaranteed to tucker out even the most active child!
We gently encourage the best out of all of our campers.
  • Positive praise helping your child achieve greatness
  • We foster a beleif in themselves that they can achieve any goal they set thier mind to. Inside and outside the martial arts training center.
  • Once they beleive in themselves there is no stopping them ;)
We will help your child first learn how to follow and then how to lead.
  • Oppertunities to help your childs confidence swell even more!
  • Games, drills and activities designed to teach them how to be an even better leader.
  • Team building games that will help your child become even better in a group
The most important ingredient to teaching children is fun! We teach amazing life skills and physical skills though play. 
  • Loads of games to keep your child busy and get them into even better shape!
  • At least one pool day swimming at the indoor pool each week
  • Pizza lunch celebration on Friday.
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